About Us

Buyerznet.com is owned by Technovators Marketing Limited, a company headquartered in Trinidad and Tobago. Buyerznet.com provides a performance-based platform for businesses to promote their products and services through email marketing. Our platform does not allow spamming or the issue of unsubscribed emails. Persons and organizations who become part of our network must agree to operate within the terms and conditions of our user agreement.

Email marketing is known to be one of the most powerful marketing tools available today and provides the highest response rate of all advertising channels. Unlike traditional media such as newspapers and television, campaigns can be targeted to specific user groups and allow for a level of interaction that is not possible with other types of advertising.

Buyerznet.com is built on a win – win proposition in which all users benefit.  Advertisers are provided with various options that are designed to ensure that they get maximum benefit from their advertising budget. So, unlike other media where very often, the results do not reflect the spend, at Buyerznet, there is the choice of paying based on orders received or based on the number of clicks or responses made to campaigns. In this way, there is a direct relationship between sales and the spend.

Our publishers are persons and organizations who consent to use their email contact list as a marketing tool. This is a chance to monetize contacts lists by making it work for you. Your involvement is as simple as inserting a code into your emails that will display a button or a banner. Each time you send out an email and the receiver clicks on that button or banner, you will receive compensation based on the terms agreed with the advertiser. It’s that simple. You don’t have to undertake any elaborate marketing effort. You also get to choose which campaigns you would like to promote. So, advertisers will benefit from increased sales and business growth within a short time; and publishers, will receive a new source of income.