How Good Are Your Supervisory Management Skills?


For each statement included in the quiz, please choose the option that best describes you. Please answer questions as you actually are (rather than how you think you should be).

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When I delegate work, I give it to whoever has the most time available.
I always prefer to make important decisions based on information rather than instinct.
I believe in giving members of my team a lot of room to decide how to get things done.
My approach to disciplining team members is to give them a chance to correct their behaviour.
Technical skills are the most important skills that I need to be an effective supervisor.
I have regular meetings with my team to keep abreast of the progress being made.
I don’t feel comfortable handling conflicts within my department.
Because of the environment in my workplace, it is extremely difficult to motivate team members.
When any member of my team makes a mistake, I discuss it with my boss because I am not prepared to take the blame for the mistake of others.
I believe the key to getting employees to work is to create a comfortable working environment.
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