Getting started on is easy.

Step One: What Type of User Are You?

There are three types of users on our site and your experience will depend upon the role you choose.

The three user types are:

  • Advertiser

  • Publishers

  • Shopper

Step Two: Register/Login

Click on the Advertiser or Publisher menu to access the registration or login page. You can also click on the Getting Started button to access this page.

Advertisers are those users who use the Buyerznet platform to post offers they wish to promote.

Publishers are users who will use the platform to access offers made by advertisers that they wish to promote using their email contacts.

Step Three: Login To the My Account Panel

After registration, you will receive a link by email that will take you to the your Account panel. The panel you will be taken to will depend upon whether you registered as an advertiser or a publisher.

Step Four: The Advertiser Panel

The Advertiser Panel allows its users to post campaigns and monitor the success of those campaigns using the variety of reports that are available.

To create a campaign, users must first post a budget using the Deposit menu. The website’s admin will then be required to verify that deposit was made. Once the deposit is verified, the user advertiser will be able to access the campaign window from within the Advertiser panel.

Step Four: The Publisher Panel

Only users who register as Publishers would be able to access this panel. Publishers will be able to access the Offer Wall to decide which advertising campaigns that are willing to participate in. For those campaigns, they want to publish to their email accounts, they will be required to copy and paste the tracking code in their email.  When those links are clicked by interested persons, they will be taken to the landing page of the specific offer. The publisher will be compensated according to the terms of the offer made by the advertiser.